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What can I say about September.  It’s off to a good start.  I started a facebook page called ACE in the Fort and have kind of put my blog on the back burner focusing on building fans on my new page.  I’ve decided to use this one on my business cards though so I need to keep it updated as well.

On the weight lost side of things, I am down 25 pounds now!!  Woo Hoo  I feel better than ever and have the energy to chase a now 7 month old grandson who has started his creeping stage.  He’s not crawling yet but he can get from one place to another like a monkey on his hands and feet and scooting.  He weighs as much as I have lost so I’m still carrying it around!  I think it’s heavier on the outside than when it’s part of you.  maybe not.  Anyway.  I haven’t posted any before and after pictures on here yet.  I’m not ready to do my own yet, but I wanted to post the one, she has lost 86 pounds.  I am really proud of her and hope I can do the same!    Come visit me on FACEBOOK and tell me my blog sent you.  I wanna see how many new fans I get.  LOL



Saba Pomegranate Juice

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Stay Off!

I have been on ACE for 3 weeks now and have lost 16 pounds.  I’m trying to get to my first goal of 20 pounds but this last week it seems I’ve just been gaining and losing the same 3 pounds over and over.  I think it’s time to switch things up and add the ToppFast instead of skipping breakfast.  Also a friend of mine who has recently lost weight on another program said I should be eating every 2 – 2 1/2 hours, so I’m going to try that and see if it helps.  I do tend to not eat during the day when I’m watching Jaden because he keeps me so busy I forget.  I am not giving up!!  I have lost 3 inches in my waist so the scale if not the only measurement of success!  This says rings are looser, not yet, but one of my goals is to get my wedding ring back on.  I’ll let you know when it happens.  I do have the most energy I have had in years!  I got up and made a broccoli queche and did a load of dishes and swept and mopped the floors all before 8:30 am!!



Price Comparisons

 I have seen some price comparisons out there including these two which don’t even have the same prices on them.  I think people are just making these up to sell more ACE.  I can tell you from experience, ACE is cheaper than most programs where you have to eat their food like Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem.  I did Jenny Craig for 8 months, spent well over $1400 and lost a total of 25 pounds.  I also joined LA weight loss with about the same results.  Plus the had me pre-pay for 6 months worth of bars that they would not let me have when I left even though I had paid for them.  I also spent about $1200 for a bunch of Reliv shakes which is a lot like the body by Vi going around now and they did nothing for me.  I have tried Herbalife, Avocare and Isogenix which all failed.  I even did weight watchers for a short time but the points were hard to keep up with.  I also paid $100 for the 6wk body makeover which was working for a few of my friends but I wasn’t disciplined enough to stick to the strict diet plan it required.  I even tried the christian based Weigh Down workshop and could not pray the fat off.  This is the funniest one:  I joined T.O.P.S – take off pounds sensibly.  (should have been Slowly) which is a support group for fat people with no real program or plan just rewards if you somehow figure out a way to lose a few pounds they will give you a charm bracelet and you can earn charms to go on it.  I yo-yo dieted my way to a full bracelet and landed the same weight I was when I started.  They even made me their Leader!  We did everything from Atkins to the cabbage soup diet, but nothing really worked.  I have said all that to say this.  I know ACE works.  I am seeing the difference in my energy level and the pounds are falling off.  I do gain a couple back on my off day but they leave again the next day.  I am fitting into my clothes better and feel better about myself than I have in years.  They say what works for one person may not work for the next.  All I know is this works for me and I wouldn’t care if it was $500 a month I would find the money to get it!  Luckly I get my bottles at the wholesale price of $40 a month and you can to if you sign up to be an associate.  You can do like I did at first and just use the discount.  No selling required.   Hit the order ACE button on the side!

My pants are falling down!

Last night I went to a support group with my husband and one of the ladies I had not seen since January said, “you look like your losing weight”  I was thinking she just remembers me being fatter than I really am or something.  This morning I put on a pair of capris that used to fit me really well and they felt a little loose.  I went to work in them anyway and by noon they were driving me crazy having to pull them up constantly.  I don’t remember them being like that.  I guess I have lost some.  I measured my waist when I got home and 3 inches had disappeared!  I also have lost a total of 16 pounds as of this morning.  I know there is no “Magic Pill” out there and I have been trying to eat healthier by skipping the frys and having a side salad instead but I really believe in ACE!  I am going to order the meal replacement shakes as soon as I have the money because I tend to skip breakfast which I know is not a good thing, but for now, I am happy with the results I am getting taking two ACE supplements a day.


How to take ACE

Today is my 9th day on ACE and I feel great!  I lost another pound and a half, for anyone who’s curious, that is 12 pounds now!  About the energy part, I don’t really notice it like being all jittery or anything, I just know I feel like doing more.  My house is cleaner than it has been in years and I don’t just sit on the couch after Jaden leaves and have other people cook dinner and bring me things.  We went out to eat tonight and I ended up taking 2/3 of my dinner home with me.  I’m getting a lot of questions on how to take ACE so here is what I know.

HOW TO TAKE ACE:  Start off with one capsule a day.

• Take on an empty stomach or 1 hour after you eat.

• If pill is too much for you, take with breakfast.

• Drink 16 oz. water within 10 minutes of taking pill.

• Drink 8 glasses of water per day or more, at least four 16 oz. bottles.

• Always take before noon.

• You can take 2 pills a day, 1 in the morning and 1 early afternoon…If you take 1 in the early a.m., you can take another one mid morning.

• Do not take too late in the day as sleep may be impaired.

• Do not take at the same time with other meds or vitamins, wait at least an hour.

• Do not take more than 4 capsules per day.

• Skip 1 day per week.

Day Eight

Today has been a very busy day and I’m glad I had my ACE!  It started with my sister coming over and weighing in.  She has been on ACE for less than a week and already lost 5 pounds!  Go Amey!!  She left her 3 year old daughter with me so I had her and my grandson Jaden all morning my myself.  Jaden is almost 6 months old but does not sit up on his own yet, so he is a handful by himself.  When my mom came to pick up Brooklynn she asked me for some samples so now I have 4 people trying ACE with me including my husband who started this morning.  I am going to be ordering some more samples Friday, but still have some on hand if you wanna try it.  It’s only $2 for a pack of 2 pills.  By the way, I lost 3.6 more pounds!