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1500 Fan Giveaway

To celebrate 1500 Fans on my Facebook page ACE in the Fort, I am having a Multi-Vendor Giveaway.  Head over and check it out.  It ends April 30.  http://bit.ly/WSaTELgiveaway_header_blue2


My first Challenge

Plus 15 extra samples if I win the challenge.

I’ve just been challenged by my leader to start signing people up.  The person on her team who signs up the most people as customers or associates wins 100 free samples!  I need those samples.  If I win, I will give 15 FREE samples to everyone who signed up!  We only have from Now until 5 pm Friday to get this done so here click the order ACE button to go sign up.  If you need me to walk you threw it or have any questions at all, contact me and I will help you.