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Hey everyone.  I just opened up a store at Storenvy! Go check it out!  I am working on adding all the product Saba has to offer, not just the ACE.  Update on my weight loss.  I am now down 50 pounds and wearing size 22!!  I hope to be in 18 by the end of summer.


Update and New Before/After Picture

Wow, I really neglected this poor page.  I just realized I have not posted on here since October!  I guess the holidays and my ACE business taking off have just occupied much of my time.  Also, with Jaden learning to walk, I can’t get on the computer at all when he is here.  His dad recently had a schedule change and his other Grandma is getting Him two afternoons a week now, so I only have him 2 half days and one full day now instead of 4 full days.  I miss having him as much, but is does free up some extra time for me to work on my ACE business.

I have begun to recruit people now, so if you are interested in selling, let me know or visit  I got promoted to Director last month, which is a pretty big accomplishment for me.  I am still losing with ACE, I am down almost 50 pounds now!!  I feel better than ever and have the energy to enjoy life again.  I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can start taking Jaden to the park.  We’ve been outside in the back yard a few days, but with jackets on.

So here is the most recent Before/After picture.  If you are interested in trying ACE, visit my facebook page or shoot me a message and I will send you a free Sample!iloveace



I need Help!!

Hey everyone,  I haven’t given up!  I’ve been so busy with watching Jaden and posting to my Facebook page I almost forgot about my blog.  Sorry about that.  I will try harder to post on here more often.  I have an announcement:  As of this morning, I have lost 31 pounds on ACE!! 

I am currently needing some help from all of my followers.  I am in a contest to win an ipad and falling behind fast.  Those Facebook fans of mine are just not voting enough.  I know you won’t let me down. So please go vote for comment. It’s way down close to the bottom. It’s easier to find if you start on the last page.  I have on a blue shirt and sunglasses and it starts out, I went to the dentist…

Hello world!

Welcome to My very first post of my very first blog ever.  I am totally new to this so bare with me.  It may not be the best blog out there, or even a good one, but I wanted to do something I have never done before, which is be accountable to the world by posting a blog about my weight loss journey.  I have been on this journey many times before but most of the time I was doing it on my own or on some program that was charging me way too much money.  I even joined a weight loss club once and they made me the president.  Can you imagine?  That’s like putting a mouse in charge of the cheese.  Anyway, I am hoping I can stick with it this time if I know there are people watching.  So, please watch and feel free to comment with anything that is on your mind.

Tina Scully