Monthly Archives: October 2012

First Before/After Picture

Here it is:  My first progress picture.  I have actually lost 2 more pounds since this picture was taken last week.  I am loving this ACE and feeling better than  have in a long time.  I have so much energy now I do more before 9 am than I used to do all day long.  That’s because I get my grandson Jaden at 10 am and have a lot to get done before he arrives.

The results for the voting contest I entered are in:  I won 2nd place!  $350 Apple gift card.  Thanks to everyone who helped me.  I really appreciate it.  Both of my daughters want an iphone so this will really help with Christmas this year!   I have entered another contest if you can help me with it.  The prize is a gift card to a local garden shop.  I’m using a widget this time, if I can figure it out.

Last Saturday, my husband and I drove to Tyler, Texas (6 hours) to meet my enroller, Jenn, and some other girls on our ACE team.  We had a great meeting, learned a lot about the company and products and even won a couple of door prizes.  It was a fun day.  We have a new product coming out soon and the ToppFast meal replacement shakes are now in sample packs for only $2 each.  Let me know if you want to try a chocolate or a vanilla one.  I brought back a lot of ACE samples so email me if you wanna try it.  I am calling it my will power in a pill!!


I need Help!!

Hey everyone,  I haven’t given up!  I’ve been so busy with watching Jaden and posting to my Facebook page I almost forgot about my blog.  Sorry about that.  I will try harder to post on here more often.  I have an announcement:  As of this morning, I have lost 31 pounds on ACE!! 

I am currently needing some help from all of my followers.  I am in a contest to win an ipad and falling behind fast.  Those Facebook fans of mine are just not voting enough.  I know you won’t let me down. So please go vote for comment. It’s way down close to the bottom. It’s easier to find if you start on the last page.  I have on a blue shirt and sunglasses and it starts out, I went to the dentist…