Day Eight

Today has been a very busy day and I’m glad I had my ACE!  It started with my sister coming over and weighing in.  She has been on ACE for less than a week and already lost 5 pounds!  Go Amey!!  She left her 3 year old daughter with me so I had her and my grandson Jaden all morning my myself.  Jaden is almost 6 months old but does not sit up on his own yet, so he is a handful by himself.  When my mom came to pick up Brooklynn she asked me for some samples so now I have 4 people trying ACE with me including my husband who started this morning.  I am going to be ordering some more samples Friday, but still have some on hand if you wanna try it.  It’s only $2 for a pack of 2 pills.  By the way, I lost 3.6 more pounds!


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