Water Water Water

Today is day seven of my Journey.  My morning blood sugar was 147 and I gained 2 pounds.  I have a theory about that.  First, muscle weighs more than fat and second, the day before was my “off” day.  I was told to skip one day a week to trick my metabolism.  I think all it did was tell my body, “hey, fat chick is going to feed me today”.  Although I really did not eat too much but we did have a potluck at church last night and I may have went back for seconds.  I am not giving up!  I also have been drinking a lot more water.  Third theory, retaining water – maybe.  Today I had one cup of coffee and then water, water, water all day long.  I really don’t have time to drink anything else if I’m going to get the required amount of water in for the day.


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