Day Two

I don’t know what is wrong with the date on this thing, it’s actually the 11th.  Well today was a pretty good day.  I wasn’t going to weigh myself this soon, but I kept hearing the scale calling me, especially after I took my fasting blood sugar and it was 177, not good.  I needed some good news so I got on the scale:  I lost 3 pounds!  I also had enough energy today to lug a 5 month old around and not need a nap after he went home like I usually have every day.  Instead, I cooked a homemade pizza from scratch.  I didn’t even use a pizza crust mix or jar sauce or anything!   I only ate 2 slices and I was full.  Usually I would have had half the pizza.  I also only ate one grilled cheese sandwich for lunch instead of two and had cantalope for dessert instead of cookies or ice cream.  I think the craving healthier food is in my head.  Need to concentrate on drinking more water.


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